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FAQ About The Business Plan in 13 Slides Course

Does Brandon have any formal degrees?

  • BA, Psychology, Washington College (Psi Chi National Honor Society, President)
  • Masters, Psychology, Washington College (Psi Chi National Honor Society)
  • MBA, University of North Carolina (UNC),Chapel Hill
  • Certified Habits and Behavior Coach, Stanford Persuasive Computer Lab, Dr. BJ Fogg

How much does the course cost?
Option 1: Take online yourself with a professional review of your 13 Slides at the end: $1,999
Get the full details of everything you get with this option

Option 2: Take the course with assistance from me: $4,999
Get the full details of everything you get with this option

Can I upgrade from unassisted to an assisted course?
Yes. You also get put to the front of the wait-list line if there is one at the time you sign up for the assistance course option.

Do you offer financial aid assistance?
Yes. I grew up with a single Mom and have been a starving entrepreneur. Please fill out the form below and let us know why you qualify. We will give up to 50% financial aid for qualified applicants.  Note that we only offer financial assistance for Course Options 1 and 2.

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Why do you charge for this course when I have seen free ones out there?
Good question. A few reasons:

It costs money to run this site. Hosting costs, content creation, video creation, time to do the reviews and live video sessions we do with the assisted course options.

Free courses do not give you the level of attention or feedback that you get here, period. By the time you try figuring out the free stuff and getting feedback from a hundred different people on a message board who you do not even know who is writing, you will waste a ton of time and money.

In the realm of things this course is cheap. Try hiring a professional with the level of experience (seasoned entrepreneurs and venture capitalists), education and success we have and you’ll find prices in the $25,000+ range. We do this because we enjoy working with fellow entrepreneurs.

Assure your best chance for success and build your business plan today.