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Jeet Kune Do Business Plan CourseThe Business Plan Course is based on 13 slides that have been used by thousands of entrepreneurs to build successful businesses and raise money for them.

The slides are a culmination of decades of business experience through both failures and wild successes. The easy course design helps you develop each slide based on Bruce Lee‘s (a successful business man in his own right) philosophy, “Absorb what is useful, disregard what is not, add what is uniquely your own”.

That is exactly what we have done for you here. We’ve taken all the successful business lessons we have learned through real world experience, thrown out the things that lead to failure, and added the secrets we’ve learned that will get you a business plan you can use to lead your company to wild success. It’s the road map you can use to turn your idea into a product and your product into a successful business.


From the Founder of Business Plan Course

Business Plan Course BrandonI’ve been a serial entrepreneur who has also been an angel investor, venture capitalist, worked at a Fortune 500 Internet company and mentored and advised successful start-ups and growing companies. I’ve built companies different ways from bootstrapping to raising millions of dollars from angel investors and venture capitalists. I’ve heard and given thousands of business plan pitches. I have had businesses that have failed, gone sideways and been lucky enough to have one successful exit so far.

I have plenty of scars on my back from wasted time and mistakes over the tens of thousands of hours of business ventures and hope that through this business plan course you can learn from, avoid them and get to the best part of business faster; the satisfaction of seeing what you built being bought and used by happy customers.

I had a lot of people help me throughout my career and I have made it a mission to always help anyone that is willing to make a real go of it. Over the last decade I have been asked to give talks and mentor fellow entrepreneur warriors. It has been been an amazing experience and I love working with energized people. I get excited talking about business/product ideas, how to turn them into products and how to take a product and turn it into a business. I get most excited about making money with an idea that started in a spare bedroom.

The challenge for me has been how do I keep up helping others and do my own day job of running my own company in Silicon Valley? The answer was to build this online business plan course where I can offer you an easy step-by-step thirteen slide business plan building process that I developed through my twenty years in business. It walks you through all the essential elements of a successful business plan based on all the lessons I have learned through failure, success, and seeing things from both sides of the table as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist. You can use it as your business plan and pitch deck should you decide to raise money. It will accelerate your potential for success because I’ve taken everything and put it into 13 easy step-by-step lessons to build your business plan.

I’ve gotten and regularly solicit feedback and input from people in my entrepreneur and venture capital network to share here and we give away a ton of free business information in the business plan course blog.  Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get updates.

The course is an easy program that will help you build your business plan regardless of your business stage. When signing up you get access to all the course content for one year; you do not have to worry about rushing through.  You get video lessons from from me and guests. You get worksheets that help you build each and every essential part/slide you need for a successful business plan. We make it simple for you based on the tens of thousands of hours of experience building and executing business plans and pitch decks.

When you follow our easy step by step process and complete the lessons you will have a business plan that is your road map to accelerate your success.

Three ways to take the business plan course.

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Assure your best chance for success and avoid the many business pitfalls by building your business plan today.