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Our course walks you through 13 easy slides to build a kick ass business plan and realize your dreams

13 easy slides to build a kick ass business plan

If you are starting or have a business you need a solid business plan. Our course gives you easy step by step directions from successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

I've got an idea

Awesome! The course will take you step by step through all the essential questions you need to answer to assure your idea can be a business.

I have a product

You've got grit to get here! The course will walk you through everything you need now to do to sell more of it and prove you have product - market fit.

I'm growing my business

You're cooking with gas! We walk you through everything you need to know about scaling and building your business to a huge success.



Working with Brandon from TBP was amazing. He's great at articulating vision with the analytical chops to drive the business plan. Great span of experience and always finds the way to help you drive over, under, or through the hurdles.

Max W. Bio-Rad Laboratories

Brandon from TBP is a walking business calculator. The numbers just roll out of him from market sizing to financing and growing your biz. He'll give you the straight answer based on the scenario. Plus, he's actually a successful serial entrepreneur too, so he's experiencing the same hurdles.

James C., Staq, CEO, Venture Funded Co. Staq

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A Business Plan is your Ticket to Success

Imagine getting over twenty years of business plan and pitching experience in 13 easy step by step lessons. Invest in building a successful business plan now and avoid losing time and money.